A log of my Summer projects

Day Three

May 25, 2019

Yesterday, I went off the rails a bit. I started with some defined goals and let the search take its course.

Lessons Learned from Yesterday

HN Who’s Hiring seems to give an odd subset of startups. Looking at previous YC batches seems to give a better cross section. Crunchbase isn’t too useful without the paid tier. LinkedIn is hard to use for anything other than individual discovery.

Goals for Today

  • Explore travel APIs and develop some opinions re: functionality
  • Start Traction (50 pages)
  • Set dates for move to Bali
  • Repost roommate search on CL and HUOCH

I am trying org mode compiled to Markdown instead of typing directly in Markdown for this entry, we’ll see how effective that ends up being.

TODO Travel APIs from Yesterday’s post

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